How to Claim Insurance Against Malaysian Motorists for Singapore Residents

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How to claim insurance against foreign motorist in singapore

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Ever wondered how to submit an insurance claim if you get into an accident with a vehicle from Malaysia? Here’s what you need to do for the insurance claim:

  1. If you have your own comprehensive policy, it is more convenient to claim against it instances of accidents with foreigns vehicles in either Malaysia or Singapore.
  2. If you wish to make a third-party claim against the insurance agencies in Malaysia, prepare the following documents and submit them to your own insurer:
    • Your vehicle registration card (photocopy)
    • Certificate of insurance, cover note or policy schedule (photocopy)
    • Identity card (photocopy)
    • Police report
    • A police sketch plan and key (if available)
    • Results of police investigation (if available)
    • Proof of losses incurred
    • An adjuster’s report with original photographs
    • Repair bill & proof of payment
    • Rental car bill (if the car was rented)
    • Other bills and receipts for other expenses incurred
  3.  Take a picture of the road tax disc of the Malaysia vehicle. This is because the Malaysia insurers will always ask for the above when the claim is filed against the Malaysia vehicle. Even if a police report is submitted, the insurer will still ask for the picture to prove accident with the related party.
  4. If you claim is unsuccessful and all other avenues have been exhausted; as a last resort, send documents in items 2 and 3 by registered post to either of the following:

Persatuan Insuran
Am Malaysia (PIAM)3rd Floor, Wisma Piam
150 Jalan Tun Sambanthan
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel No.: 03-2274 7399
Fax No.: 03-2274 5910

General Insurance Association of Singapore
180 Cecil Street #07-02
Bangkok Bank Building
Singapore 069546
Tel No.: (65) 6221 8788
Fax No.: (65) 6227 2051

Note: The PIAM and GIA will assist only after evidence is produced that all necessary actions have been taken to pursue the matter. Information Courtesy of GIA.

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